Have you ever felt a sense of peace and aliveness watching the colors of a sunset?  Have you ever walked into a room whose colors made you feel like you were wrapped in a warm blanket?  Do you have a favorite outfit that makes you feel powerful and confident?  We’ve all had the experience of color affecting our emotions.  Color Light Therapy takes this experience even further.

Although I initially had a healthy skepticism about Color Light Therapy, I have witnessed so many positive results over the years, it is now part of the services I offer in my practice.

What is Color Light Therapy?

Color Light Therapy is a holistic technique that restores mental, emotional, and physical health and balance to the body through the use of color. Color is a form of visible light and electromagnetic energy that is absorbed through the eyes, the skin, and the electromagnetic field or aura.  It enters the body constantly, creating electrical impulses in our brains, which in turn stimulate hormonal and biochemical processes in our bodies.  Specific light frequencies and colors have unique effects on the body’s physiology, nervous system, and emotions.

Benefits of Color Light Therapy

Color Light Therapy is a safe, non-invasive, and non-toxic form of therapy with roots in India, Egypt, and China.  The worldwide use of color light therapy has been increasing for decades.  Many clinical and nonclinical studies support its use and effectiveness as both a healing modality and as a tool for maintaining wellness.  It can help to increase blood flow and cellular activity, boost the immune system, stimulate skin rejuvenation, and increase capillary blood vessel formation.  It can also offer relief in acute and chronic conditions in the following ways:

  • Easing joint/spinal pain and relaxing inflammation
  • Relieving skin conditions, injuries, and infections
  • Releasing physical or emotional blockages
  • Detoxifying by flushing out stored poisons
  • Rebuilding energy in degenerative conditions
  • Supporting and nourishing the immune system

Color Therapy for Animals

Color can be applied to animals through the use of fabrics, color-activated water, and colored lights.  There are two ways I use color, as needed, during a treatment session for animals.  The first is through the use of Color Therapy Essences, hand-crafted by Lynn Younger, in Sedona, Arizona.  These are free of fragrances, preservatives, and dyes.

The second way I administer color to animals is through the use of Lumalight by Spectrahue TM.  This is a proprietary light set using interchangeable color and sacred geometry filters on a penlight, which amplifies color light application.


Initial consultation and treatment session: $150*

Follow-up sessions: $110 (each)*

*In-person sessions in your home may have an additional travel fee applied.

Special wellness packages are available.  Please contact me for details.

Gift certificates are available.

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