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“Beth is amazing! Jax absolutely loves her and she was able to help with his regurgitating issues. After one Healing Touch for Animals/Reiki session his regurgitating stopped. I’m so grateful she’s part of Jax s family.”

– Kristel P.

”When we first met you, I was skeptical of what you could do for Houdini. His grieving and depression from losing his great pal, Chica, had gone on for months. A border collie, leash-free on a hike, should do more than just plod along behind me. Because in my career I was so data driven and results oriented, I questioned your spiritual approach to healing.

My desperation overcame my skepticism. Our love for Houdini made us give you a try. My “results oriented” personality was immediately rewarded within a half-hour of your first visit! The positive change in his behavior was so noticeable! Within four healing sessions, you brought him back. He has just been the happiest dog ever this summer!

We are so thankful for you and your healing ways. There are lots of things in this world I simply don’t understand. Your techniques are among them. We are so thankful for what you have done for Houdini, and, in turn, us.”

-Earl and JanT.

“Healing happens within the context of relationship, and that is right where Beth starts!

Beth has worked with two of my dogs. One was declining from cancer, and the other was suffering from a traumatic fall. During their treatment sessions, she helped them feel safe and comfortable, and both responded immediately to Healing Touch and Craniosacral therapies, and the healing stayed with them”

Beth has always been readily available when needed, follows up as appropriate, and can be completely relied upon! Her practice is an extension of her mighty heart, and I'm grateful she is here in our community!”

– Aimee and John D.

“Masha is a big, energetic Lab with loads of enthusiasm for life, but she has some fear issues that cripple her in certain environments. She quickly calms down when Beth starts her therapy session of Healing Touch and Reiki, and the changes in her are immediately apparent. Masha’s fear lessens after her therapy, which allows her to more comfortably navigate the places that cause her stress and fear. Thank you, Beth, for loving animals, especially mine! You absolutely make a difference.”

– Katie and Don G.

“I first met Beth when we were both volunteers at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center in Divide, and watched her perform healing touch with the wolves at the center.
Three years ago, we rescued a former laboratory research animal named Koln. Koln was a very skittish, timid beagle who was afraid of everyone, especially men. He even feared my husband.

I tried to introduce Koln to others a little at a time so he would realize that not all people would hurt him. Hoping she could help, I took him to see Beth. Koln immediately put his tail between his legs and hid behind me, looking at me with fear in his eyes because I had brought him to a stranger. I introduced Beth to Koln and he stared at her for a few minutes and then seemed to sense that she meant him no harm. As Beth gently pet him, his tail slowly came back up, and within a few minutes, he lay down and allowed her to work on him. As he relaxed and fell into a deep slumber, I looked at Beth and said, “I think I have found the person who can help his troubled soul.”

Koln has become very attached to my husband and no longer fears him. Beth continues to work on Koln as well as our other former laboratory research beagle, Boomer, and both have progressed immensely under Beth’s care. She keeps both of our boys balanced and grounded, and her work is amazing. I trust her with our two precious fur kids, and am so grateful for the help she has given them."

– Diane and Bruce V.

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